Student Exam Passport: Be prepared. Revision leads to result. Neglect leads to regret


When it comes to exams, intelligence alone is insufficient. Understanding key processes during revisions and studies is a necessity; otherwise, knowledge would be a waste of information during exams. Education is not merely a book, a room, an institution, a desk or a blackboard; education is a living instrument. It breeds ability in all willing students.


The Student Exam Passport is a study guide that is laid out in a way that makes study and revision more urgent, more entertaining, more easier to follow, more thoroughly engaging, and a little more philosophical and novel-like. It is embedded with a real-life scenario and outlines common errors during an exam that all students can associate with.


For example, it reveals scenarios that underpin an explainable cause of bad grades and proposes better study techniques that are detailed and concise to overcome bad grades. It touches on the role of our memory before and during the exam day. It also reveals that despite being intelligent, motivated and hardworking, most students still struggle to remember much after hours of studying for an exam. One plausible answer is, the information we might want to retain has not made it into the long-term memory bank.



It also consists of topics such as the following:


Accountability —Learning style —Memory —Significance of forgetting —Preparation and planning —Achieving top grade —and many other topics.

This book, the Student Exam Passport, doesn't deserve to be called a book. It's far greater, from it's meticulous crafting and impressive use of form and structure. It can only be described as a compendium because the knowledge it provides is just that brilliant.

Yung-Abu's scholar-like mastery in writing is evidently conveyed within the few first pages. Yung-Abu judiciously scrutinises the concept of education with his profound wisdom.

The title perfectly captures the purpose of this book. Yung-Abu has designed a personal passport, the Student Exam Passport, the passport all people of education should hold with them and support them on their educational endeavours.

So don't hesitate to buy it!dd your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Such an inspirational and eye opening book. This book made me realise the importance of education and even motivated me to go back into education after I had dropped out. I recommend this to anyone who is studying or interested in learning. The book can also be applied to everyday life which is why I recommend this book so highly. The author Samson Yung-Abu is a real inspiration and much credit is deserved.